Due to the pandemic, millions-upon-millions of individuals in our country have lost their jobs, and they are justifiably panicked, because they don’t know how they will feed themselves or their families, or pay their rent or mortgage. Additionally, there are so many young people who are perplexed as to how they will get their first job in a nearly non-existent job market, and an untold number of unhappy individuals feeling stuck and mired in their current unsatisfying and unfulfilling job, position, or profession. Other than ridding ourselves of Covid, getting people into the workforce and in positions in which they will financially and spiritually thrive, is our country’s and the world’s next biggest challenge.

In this dire situation, hope and prayers alone are not the answer. As Ken Lindner writes in his new book, “Career Choreography: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Job and Achieving Huge Success and Happiness”, “The difference between tying and triumph in this highly challenging job market, is a clear, accomplishable, and effective plan of action!” Ken says that what individuals across the United States and the world need now—more than ever—is a set of tried-and-true, masterable steps and strategies that will enable and empower them to effectively identify and secure the right job, profession, or career that’s uniquely suited to them.

Ken, who is the Career developer of such broadcasting mega-stars as, Lester Holt, Mario Lopez, Megyn Kelly, Robin Meade, Liz Claman, Ana Cabrera, Nancy O’Dell, and many other top national and local anchors and hosts, has been investing a substantial amount of time and resources in his mission to equip and empower the millions of out of work individuals in our country to get back into the workforce, by enabling them to identify and find a job, position, profession, or career that is right for them and takes advantage of their particular skills, experiences, education, and professional preferences and passions.

Ken’s book, “Career Choreography” is also targeted to those individuals who aspire to enter the workforce for the first time or want to re-enter it after taking time away from it, as well as to those who just aren’t happy, satisfied, or fulfilled in their current job, position, or profession and want to reset and find a new, stimulating and rewarding career path. For this latter group of individuals, Ken’s explicit goal is to enable them to find a job, profession, or career that will “make their heart sing!”

As detailed in “Career Choreography”, for over 35 years, Ken has effectively and with great success worked with and guided individuals in a plethora of job categories and professional fields. In his book, Ken shows you how to be a highly astute job/career strategist and a constructive problem solver. The key to Ken’s and his clients’ sustained success, is the process that Ken developed and trademarked years ago, Career Choreography. Principle 1 of Career Choreography is its definition:

There is a logical, success-evoking set of steps and strategies
                          for accomplishing all professional goals.

The key is to construct and implement the most effective set of steps
                          and strategies in order to attain your goals.

It is Ken’s mission, in Part 1 of his book to help as many individuals as possible craft a logical and highly effective plan of action, so that they can identify and secure the very right job, position, and profession for them. In Part 2, Ken shares the many brilliant career strategies that have equipped and enabled his clients in all professional fields to attain huge and sustained professional success. In Part 3, he explains how you can achieve a beautiful and fulfilling life-work balance and harmony, which leads to authentic inner happiness.

If you need a new job, position, or career, or if you would like to consider making a highly beneficial professional change, “Career Choreography” is for you!