During the pandemic and post-pandemic periods, all sorts of new and modified business models are being created and implemented. With all of this significant change, new needs, voids, and niches will present themselves or can and will be created.
So, if you are going to evolve with the times and remain relevant, it’s essential for you to be an intuitive, astute, and an anticipatory new need, void, and niche Identifier and filler.

For example, with people not wanting to shop or eat out, as they don’t want to expose themselves to groups of people who might have Covid, companies such as Instacart, Amazon, DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, and smaller local delivery services have thrived because of the increased demand for delivery of food and goods. Another instance of the new-normal, is that people across the country are now using apps such as Zoom and Skype with regularity for interviews, as there is little or no cost involved and they provide great logistical convenience. These are just two of the plethora of examples that I could cite depicting how the pandemic has triggered many dramatic changes in the way we now do business and live our lives!

Almost all companies are adopting to the new challenges presented by the pandemic by implementing creative new paradigms that will enable them to flourish in our ever-changing business world. If you, too, want to thrive, one way to do this is to assess what the most promising needs and voids are given the current and future state of our business world, and to creatively and facily figure-out how to meet those needs or demands, create a new demand, or fill the voids.

In my new book, “Career Choreography: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Job and Achieving Huge Success,” I discuss in detail how to identify new, highly-promising niches and needs, and what constitutes a viable need and/or void that is worth pursuing.

It’s truly an exciting time in business, as all sorts of new niches and needs are popping-up or being created daily. It’s your goal to be an adaptable, creative, and proactive pioneer and enjoy your piece of the new, exciting professional pie!

Best of luck, and thank you for your time and consideration.