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There is a logical and success-evoking set of steps that you can craft and take to achieve your most coveted career goals and live your professional dreams. “Career Choreography” gives you the accomplishable step-by step game plan to enable you to identify, find, and secure the very right job, position, or profession that’s uniquely suited for you! And once you’re in that job, position, or profession, “Career Choreography” equips you with the strategies, insights, and wisdom to empower you to achieve huge and sustained career successes, as well as heart and soul happiness, through attaining true life/work balance. How does Ken Lindner know this? Because he has with unparalleled effectiveness, used these same Choreographies and strategies for 35 years with thousands of-now successful individuals.

There is a secret sauce to finding the right job, position, and/or career for you, along with enjoying great professional success and inner harmony and happiness.  “Career Choreography” has your recipe for success! So no matter whether you’re entering the workforce for the first time, want to re-enter it, or you are currently employed, but dearly want to find a position that truly “makes your heart sing,” let Ken and “Career Choreography” guide you to find your most inspiring and motivating job, profession, and/or career!


America’s Most Successful Career Developer shows you how to identify and secure personally suited jobs and positions, attain your most coveted professional goals, and enjoy huge, enduring professional success and happiness by following easy and effective steps and strategies..

Renowned talent agent, author, and career counselor Ken Lindner has written a game-changing plan of action to enable you to identify, find, and secure the job, position, or profession that’s uniquely suited for you. For over thirty-five years, Lindner has skillfully used these same choreographies and strategies with thousands of now-successful individuals, including such broadcast journalists as Lester Holt, Mario Lopez, Robin Meade, Liz Claman, Ana Cabrera, and Nancy O’Dell.

If you need a new job, if you’re stuck in an unsatisfying profession, entering the workforce for the first time, or aspiring to enjoy enormous success in your current position, Career Choreography will show you how to

  • identify and achieve your professional goals and dreams, and objectively recognize the skills and experiences needed to attain them
  • craft the wisest and most beneficial career steps
  • develop a rock-solid, reliable mindset and skill-set foundation
  • make your heart sing by achieving a true life and work balance
  • identify a job, position, profession, and/or career that will take maximum advantage of your skills and work and educational experiences. This will make you look forward to going to work each day and proud of what you do by giving your professional life true meaning.

Career Choreography will equip you with the strategies, insights, and wisdom to empower you to accomplish huge and sustained career success.


Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Career Choreography: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Job and Achieving Huge Success and Happiness is a work of non- fiction in the self-help, guidance, and business subgenres, and was penned by author Ken Lindner. The work is intended for the adult reading audience and specifically aimed at those who wish to critically assess their career goals, aspirations, and own skills, and learn some excellent strategies for landing and succeeding in their dream job as a result. Separated into different informative and inspirational sections, the author explains the development and implementation of the titular ‘choreographies’ to achieve happiness in one’s working life and balance it with the rest of our time and energy.

Author Ken Lindner has crafted a fantastic new approach to making positive changes in your working life, with plenty of clear and easy- to-follow strategies to offer readers. One of the things which I enjoyed about this work was its balance between introspection and general advice, creating a marriage between the two which allows you to turn the book into a kind of personalized toolkit for your specific situation. In terms of organization, the work was well- formatted to convey information in a logical manner and allow easy reference to find essential topics again, making it a handy addition to your shelf that will surely get used whenever it is needed. Overall, I would highly recommend Career Choreography to fans of confident and inspirational narrators, and for anyone looking at the world of work with a lack of direction or apathy for where their career is currently taking them.


By Ken Lindner, founder of Positive Life Choice Psychology

We are living in extremely challenging and debilitating times. Sadly, COVID-19 has killed an untold number of people, businesses, dreams, and plans. So many professional lives have been decimated, put on hold, or shrouded by uncertainty and the lack of a clear and effective game plan for moving forward. Individuals everywhere have had the emotional and psychological wind knocked out of them, and they don’t have the tools or skill sets to rise from the canvas with confidence, fight on, and seize the job or career path they want.

The positive news is that the pandemic has given individuals worldwide the golden opportunity to reflect, assess, and tweak or reboot their professional plans and dreams. Just as there have been many jobs and businesses that have been lost or severely hurt due to the pandemic, there are new and exciting opportunities for creative, insightful, and forward-looking individuals to seize, as well as new niches to identify and voids to fill.

In the pandemic and post-pandemic new world, most professions, businesses, and commerce will function differently. New models and paradigms of doing business will be put into place. So it is an excellent time to be a superior adapter to our ever-changing normal, and to professionally thrive in our new world by being a highly astute and effective Career Choreographer.

I have dedicated my professional life to envisioning what can be in individuals and enabling them to attain their most prized goals by virtue of their efficacious creation and implementation of their individualized choreographies. At a time such as this, when so many cannot find their way or visualize their endgames, or don’t have the knowledge, skill sets, or discipline to implement and stick with their career game plans, the Four Principles of Career Choreography are an invaluable asset.

Career clarity and success-evoking choreographies are also essential for anyone mired in a no-growth or an unsatisfying job or career; for those entering the workforce for the first time, or reentering it; and for those who aspire to attain huge success in their current positions. Additionally, with all of the mediocrity and self-sabotage that pervade the workplace, those armed with the most constructive strategies and mindsets can truly excel. Almost everyone needs and can materially benefit from a Career Choreography.



“A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Job (for you)”: By our definition, a Choreography is a set of logical steps that will put the percentages in your favor that you will be in a highly favorable position to attain your career GOALS and/or live your career DREAMS. By giving you the steps to identify jobs, positions, and professions that take advantage of and showcase what you like and love to do, what you’re good at, and what your skills and experiences have prepared you to do, you put yourself in the very best position to find and secure the very right job for you.

Additionally, if you’re doing things that you love or very much like to do, and/or about which you’re passionate, the odds are strongly in your favor that you will derive great happiness from your work—especially if it’s your calling and you derive a substantial amount of job satisfaction.


“Achieving Huge Success”: Once you have secured the right job or position for you, the next step is to enjoy huge, sustained professional success. PART 2 of “Career Choreography” is devoted to equipping you with the a plethora of tried-and-true career Strategies that put the percentages in your favor that you will be hugely successful.


“Achieving Huge Happiness”: As you identify and secure the right job or position for you and you begin to achieve huge success, it is essential that you work to strike the right life/work balance. Because it is through attaining this balance, that you will achieve ultimate happiness, peace, and inner harmony.


“Ken Lindner’s brilliant strategies have certainly helped shape and grow my career. Now, he shares his wonderful insights with you in his new book, Career Choreography.”

–Mario Lopez, American host, actor, author, producer

“Career Choreography is exactly what people need right now! This book is magic! Ken Lindner has been choreographing my career at NBC News, MSNBC, and now CNN Headline News for over a decade with his one-of-a-kind-technique. At a time when so many crave a clear job and career direction, Ken’s spot-on professional strategies and steps are invaluable for everyone who wants a fulfilling job and professional path. No one develops careers and crafts successful strategies like Ken Lindner.”

–Lynn Smith, Headline News anchor and author

“Ken Lindner has devoted his career to helping people find, secure, and thrive in the jobs they covet. His Career Choreography strategies are a masterful roadmap to success.”
–Philip D. M. de Picciotto, founder and president, Octagon Sports and Entertainment Network

“Every copy of Career Choreography should be wrapped with a big, green bow because—make no mistake—it is a gift to anyone working to achieve the kind of success most only dream of. Ken Lindner not only rewrites the old-school definition of success to include inner happiness and fulfillment, which have incredibly valuable currencies of their own, but then takes us to the yellow brick road and choreographs the journey for us. No matter what industry you hope to conquer, Career Choreography will give you the universal steps that will get you dancing to the top.”
–Liz Claman, host of The Claman Countdown on the Fox Business Network and author

“Ken Lindner has an extraordinary talent and track record for creating successful careers for his clients. Trust the advice of the best career developer in the business! I speak from many wonderful years of positive experience with Ken. If you want to join or re-join the workforce in a fulfilling and rewarding position, that’s suited to you and your special talents, Career Choreography is a must-read!”
–Ernie Anastos, Emmy Award–winning NYC television news icon and author

“I am the master of my fate and captain of my soul’ are the Invictus words of William Ernest Henley that provide hope for all of us in the journey of our lives and careers. Ken Lindner’s new, masterful book, Career Choreography, is an outstanding tool that confers upon each of us the essential concepts and techniques that facilitate success in career and life. Over his illustrious career, Ken has been the agent to hundreds of the most successful TV news anchors and personalities. He is the agent of change, omnipresent teacher, mentor, and consultant that helps all of us develop our mission, vision, and concise and focused plans. Career Choreography is a must-read that depicts real-life examples and stories that illuminate tactics and strategies that we all can use in each of our playbooks.”
–Bert R. Mandelbaum, MD DHL (hon), co-chair of medical affairs, Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute and author of The Win Within: Capturing Your Victorious Spirit

“I’ve depended on Ken Lindner’s advice and career consultation for a quarter of a century! Like shoe-leather reporting, his Career Choreography values hard work, discipline, and delayed gratification. But his emphasis on finding the right job fit was the secret sauce that pointed me in the direction of my dreams and a fulfilling career bringing you the morning news!”
–Robin Meade, anchor, Morning Express with Robin Meade on HLN