Ken Lindner

Violence, rancor, distrust, racism, anger, and the like are pervasive. Whenever you turn on the news, you see the shooting du jour, with one act of hatred, more horrible and menacing than the other. Anxiety, fear, depression, and feeling demoralized, alienated, and paralyzed are rampant. We, along with our neighborhoods, cities, and country, as well as cities and countries throughout the world are in dire need of help and healing.

Many of us yearn for a world filled with love, civility, mutual respect, and peace, but no one has yet to come up—UNTIL NOW—with a formula to make these worthy aspirations a beautiful reality. POSITIVE LIFE CHOICE PSYCHOLOGY may well be our collective answer to elevating ourselves and the world!

Ken Lindner is the founder of POSITIVE LIFE CHOICE PSYCHOLOGY and The Positive Life Choice Psychology Lifestyle™.  Ken has also written the new book, “ASPIRE HIGHER: How to Find the Love, Positivity, and Purpose to Elevate Your Life and the World!” to provide the steps, strategies, Philosophies, and Ideals that will motivate and lead you to live your very best, happiest, most fulfilling, and highest life. “ASPIRE HIGHER” is the handbook of POSITIVE LIFE CHOICE PSYCHOLOGY and The Positive Life Choice Psychology Lifestyle.

The core concept of POSITIVE LIFE CHOICE PSYCHOLOGY (“PLCP”) and The Positive Life Choice Psychology Lifestyle.  (“The PLCP Lifestyle”), is that with each positive life choice that you make—be it big or small—you begin to jump-start your life and positively and constructively put yourself on a track to be your very best self. You also develop the confidence that you indeed can effect positive and highly beneficial change in your life, as well as develop empowering feelings of high self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love—all of which will motivate you to make more and more positive life choices because you feel that you deserve the sweet results of life choices well-made.

Ken’s book, “ASPIRE HIGHER”, explains how you can elevate your life and be motivated to lift the lives of others by:

  • identifying what you truly want in and for your life “(your “gold”) and the kind of person whom you most aspire to be (your “truth”);
  • mastering your emotions and channeling their energy charges in such a strategically beneficial way, that you are inevitably led to make life choices that reflect and effect your gold and your truth, which are your highest values;
  • effectively negating the “negativity bias” that looms in all of us, which predisposes us to focus on the negative rather than the positive;
  • developing all-important inner self-love that will empower you to love and make highly beneficial and enhancing life choices for yourself, that will also positively impact others. PLCP self-love also motivates you to endeavor to understand and respect others, support others, have concern for others’ well-being, and have empathy and compassion for others;
  • developing authentic PLCP “Altruistic Love”, which is the purest and strongest unconditional love. “Altruistic Love” organically motivates you to lovingly reach-out-to and do beneficial and nurturing things for others without any expectation of a payback, karmic or otherwise. Developing and practicing “Altruistic Love” provide us with the golden keys and path to peace among all people, groups, religions, countries, and the world.

Ken’s two goals for writing “ASPIRE HIGHER” are to:

  1. Have each reader fulfill their greatest potentials and live their most positive, best, fulfilling, and highest life; and
  2. Have everyone worldwide read “ASPIRE HIGHER” and understand, embrace, and practice its steps, Philosophies, and Ideals, so that we can have neighborhoods, cities, and countries throughout the world enjoy peace, understanding, mutual respect, compassion, and civility.

 These are lofty goals indeed, but such worthy ones for all of us!

*Ken has personally paid all expenses for the printing, editing, shipping, marketing, and promotion for “ASPIRE HIGHER.” His goal is to have a significant portion of all monies that he receives from the sale of “ASPIRE HIGHER” be used for further promotion and distribution of “ASPIRE HIGHER”, so that as many individuals throughout the world can read and be elevated by his book.

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Ken Lindner

Ken Lindner is the founder of Positive Life Choice Psychology™ and the Positive Life Choice Psychology Lifestyle™. Ken’s calling is to envision what can be in people, and to help craft the positive, constructive, and strategic choices and steps that will turn their great potential into a highly positive and productive reality. He graduated from Harvard University, magna cum laude, from Cornell Law School, from Brooklyn Polytechnic Preparatory Country Day School (Brooklyn Poly Prep), and the Brooklyn Ethical Culture School.

In addition to “Aspire Higher” and “Career Choreography™”, Ken is the author of four books: “Your Killer Emotions: The 7 Steps to Mastering the Toxic Emotions, Urges, and Impulses That Sabotage You,” in which he shares with readers how to master their emotions and break their destructive behavioral patterns and bad habits; “Crunch Time! 8 Steps to Making the Right Life Decisions at the Right Times,” which gives readers the tried-and-true emotionally intelligent life strategies that will enable them to fulfill their greatest potentials; and Editions 1 and 2 of “Broadcasting Realities,” which equip broadcast journalists and aspiring broadcast journalists with the essential information they need to make constructive career decisions. At the heart of all of these books is the concept that your life choices are precious and if made wisely and strategically, they can change your life in the most beneficial and wonderful ways.

Ken Lindner

Besides being the founder of Positive Life Choice Psychology,” Ken owns what is arguably the most successful and well-respected TV broadcast journalist representation firm in the country, Ken Lindner & Associates, Inc. Ken has been choreographing careers, with extraordinary success, for nearly 38 years. ( Through the years, Ken has represented many of the most well-known and popular national and local newscasters and program hosts. Ken is also the former CEO of the International POP Tennis Association, Inc., and a proud member of the International POP Tennis Hall of Fame. (

Ken is married to Melinda, and they are blessed to have twin children, Mary and Tristan. They also have three adorable dogs, Peanut, Bert, and Clara. The Lindners live in Los Angeles, CA.