Implicit in practicing the art of Career Choreography™, is that you want to ASPIRE HIGHER. That is, you don’t want to settle for being in a non-fulfilling, non-challenging, inappropriate job, position, or profession. Instead, you want more! You want to thrive in a job that you love, that makes you feel good about and proud of what you do each day, and that takes great, strategic advantage of your skill sets along with your work, educational, and life experiences. Your preeminent goal as a career choreographer is to professionally self-actualize—- that is, to reach and enjoy your fullest potentials while finding great satisfaction and hopefully joy in what you do.

You spend so much of your life working, aspiring higher and highest will add great meaning, purpose, and satisfaction to your professional life. Let “Career Choreography: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Job and Huge Success and Happiness” and the articles below be your tried and true plans of action and your inspiration re fulfilling and enjoying your fullest potentials…as you aspire higher!