Recently, I was speaking with a longtime, very close friend of mine, Don Browne. Don was the Executive Vice President of NBC News, the President of Telemundo, and he was inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame. He is one of the very wisest and most insightful individuals whom I have the honor to know. During our conversation, he shared his three criteria for an individual to choose the right job or position:

1. Do what you believe in;

2. do what you love; and,

3. do what gives you something to look forward to.

Most of us know the axiom, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!” No question, Don has identified criteria that will put the percentages in your favor that you will love your work experience. What a blessing! I would suggest that if you add the criterion of also being really good at what you do, you not only put the odds in your favor that you will love what you do, but you will also be highly successful!

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