Written by Ken Lindner, the Founder of Positive Life Choice Psychology, Based on his new book, “ASPIRE HIGHER: How to Find the Love, Positivity, and Purpose to Elevate Your Life and the World!”

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Below are the Positive Life Choice Psychology evolutionary steps that are the result of making positive and wise life choices on a consistent basis.

1. Every opportunity that you get to make a choice or decision, make it a positive, constructive, and wise one.

Choices are like train tracks, in that trains go where the tracks take them; similarly, the track and quality of your life are reflections of the positive and negative/destructive/self-sabotaging choices that you make.

So put yourself and your life on a GREAT track by making choices that reflect your very highest values and best self!

2. Making positive life choices gives you the knowledge that you can indeed effect highly beneficial changes in your life.

3. This knowledge leads you to organically develop empowering feelings of confidence, mastery, high self-esteem, and high self-worth, and a high and strong self-image in your mind and in your Heart-of-Hearts (the deepest recesses of your heart, soul, and being.)

4. These positive feelings and high self-image will in turn lead you to develop strong feelings of self-love, which will motivate you to continue to make positive, constructive, and beneficial life choices for yourself, because you feel that you, your well-being, and your future are worth making positive life choices for.

5. These beneficial choices in turn will continue to fill your Heart-of-Hearts with the kind of highly potent positive reinforcement and empowering positive feelings that will motivate you to continue to make positive, life-elevating choices for the long-term. This is the case because you know through experience that the positive life choices that you make bring you results and gifts that elevate you, your feelings of optimism, your well-being, your perception-of-self, and your happiness.

6. Once your Heart-of-Hearts is filled with enough of these empowering, positive feelings, these feelings will then motivate you to make choices that will also enhance and elevate others. Essentially, you feel so much self-love in your Heart-of-Hearts, that this love is transformed into feelings of caring about, a desire to support, and a love of helping and elevating others, along with enhancing yourself.

As they say in the airline industry, put your seatbelt on first, and then (once you’re safely ensconced in your seat), help others to put their seatbelts on. Similarly, once your Heart-of-Hearts is filled with a requisite amount of fortifying feelings of high self-esteem, high self-worth, and self-love, you are then able and highly motivated to bestow that love and those good feelings on others.

7. At some point, as you continue to do great, loving, and highly beneficial things for yourself and for others, and your Heart-of-Hearts is filled with enough love and highly positive and motivating feelings, this love and these feelings are transformed in your Heart-of-Hearts into the highest of all loves, “Altruistic Love”—which is a love, empathy, caring, and support that is bestowed upon others simply because you organically want to help and elevate them and their lives, and not for any expected payback or benefit, karmic or otherwise.

It is “Altruistic Love” that will lead us all to want to respect, be civil to, support, and elevate others. It is this pure love that can unite us all and lead us down the golden path to respect, civility, collaboration, and peace among all people, groups and countries.

With so much violence, vitriol, division, illness, fear, anxiety, and depression, now, more than ever, it’s time for all of us to ASPIRE HIGHER individually and together!