Dear Positive Life Choice Psychology Website Viewer,

Below is a synopsis of my new book, “ASPIRE HIGHER: How to Find the Love, Positivity, and Purpose to Elevate Your Life and the World!”

We are living in a country that is beset by pervasive shootings and violence, division, distrust, racism, vitriol, fear paralysis, anxiety, depression, and the like. We are experiencing an abundance of cases of attempted suicide and individuals feeling hopeless, psychologically “stuck” with no way out or up, and demoralized. Parents and grandparents everywhere are highly concerned about the troubled world that they will be leaving their children and grandchildren, respectively.

In response to this perplexing problem, many individuals say and write that we need more love, positivity, mutual respect, compassion, and civility in our country and our world, but no one has yet discovered or devised a formula or clear path to take us from our troubling, spiraling-downward present, to the loving, respectful, collaborative, civil, and peace-filled world that we crave. I believe that in my new book, “ASPIRE HIGHER: How to Find the Love, Positivity, and Purpose to Elevate Your Life and the World!” (which will be released on November 4th in hardback), I have developed such a formula and provide the achievable, tangible, and actionable steps that will equip, enable, and empower the reader to lay a golden path to soul-lifting, enduring self-love and feelings of high self-esteem and self-worth, unconditional love and support for others, mutual understanding and respect, and peace among all people, groups, and countries.

The core concept of “ASPIRE HIGHER” is that if you follow my formula for making big and small positive life choices whenever you’re presented with these precious opportunities, you will gain confidence that you can indeed effect positive change in your life. As a direct result, your self-esteem, self-worth, self image, and feelings of mastery will grow. And once you begin to see that you can elevate your life through your life choices, you will want to make more and more positive life choices because you have the confidence to do so and you feel that you deserve the sweet fruits of life choices and decisions well-made. The outgrowth of this process is that you begin to develop empowering and supremely salutary feelings of self love, as you begin to highly value yourself, your well-being, the highly constructive way you’re conducting your life, and your future. And as most of us know, if you develop and feel authentic love in your heart, you are far more likely to share that love with and bestow it on others.

I am the founder of “Positive Life Choice Psychology” (please see I have studied the art of decision-making since my days at Harvard, when I wrote my honors thesis on the profound effects of our decisions and choices on our lives and psyches, as well as the lives and psyches of others. Over the past 38 years, I have empowered many thousands of individuals to make tens of thousands of positive, wise, and beneficial life and career choices.

“ASPIRE HIGHER” is not just a book for me; it is a life mission! When I initially spoke with traditional publishing houses they said it would take them over a year to publish “ASPIRE HIGHER”. In order to release this book far more quickly so that I can help elevate individuals now, I am personally paying for the editing, printing, and shipping of every copy of “ASPIRE HIGHER”. My goal is that a substantial portion of all monies received from the sale of my book will go back into printing more copies as well as providing free copies to those individuals who can’t afford to purchase them. I am currently contacting companies and organizations to help me with the endeavor of getting copies (free or otherwise), to as many individuals as possible for the following reason: If only a limited number of people read “ASPIRE HIGHER”, then only those individuals will elevate their lives. However, if a great many people read “ASPIRE HIGHER” throughout our country and the world, then we will be well on our way to enjoying the mutual respect, civility, empathy, collaboration, and unconditional “Altruistic Love” that will bring us a far more loving, respectful, and peace-filled country and world.


I hope that you have the opportunity to read “ASPIRE HIGHER” and see its great potential to not only save our country and our world, but to truly elevate them as a result of us elevating ourselves first.

If after reading “ASPIRE HIGHER” you would like to share any ideas or means with me for spreading the word and message re my new book, I would be deeply grateful for your insights. You can send your thoughts, ideas , and insights to Thanks so much!

Warmest and very best,