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Ken Lindner, best-selling author of a new book, “ASPIRE HIGHER™: How to Find the Love, Positivity, and Purpose to Elevate Your Life and the World!” and founder of “Positive Life Choice Psychology”, believes that he has developed the formula to accomplish all of these great things! Over the past 35 years, Ken has counseled thousands of individuals to make tens of thousands of positive life choices.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought worldwide devastation. Unbridled violence, shootings, vitriol, racism, distrust, division, anger, and anxiety are pervasive. The world is in serious need of love, repair, and healing. And so are many individuals. We are all concerned about the present state of our country as well as the world that we will be leaving our loved ones. Taking this all into account, there has never been a better time than right now for everyone to seize the life they truly crave, be their greatest selves, and share that positivity with others in order to make the world a more loving and positive place.

Most everyone wants more love in their hearts and the world, but in “ASPIRE HIGHER”, Ken Lindner shows readers how to actually accomplish these goals through clear, logical, and actionable steps and strategies. These steps and Ken’s formula are what set “ASPIRE HIGHER” apart from other books, speeches, articles, and the like, which cite the need for more love, positivity, and peace in the world, but don’t provide any tangible and accomplishable steps or a clear path to attain this beautiful aspiration.

“ASPIRE HIGHER” teaches readers the best ways to:

  • develop true, empowering inner love and organically share it with others;
  • raise their feelings of self-esteem and self-worth along with their self-image;
  • master their emotions so that they can consistently make positive life choices;
  • identify what their most dearly-held values and goals are and make choices that reflect and are consistent with them;
  • positively and strategically jump-start their lives so they are no longer shackled to their past, their fears, or their current life situation; and,
  • create a far more respectful, civil, collaborative, and empathetic country and world
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“ASPIRE HIGHER” is for all individuals who want to truly love themselves, lead their very best lives, and spread that love to the world around them. Now is the perfect time for everyone seeking positive change, growth, and peace to reboot their mindsets, their lives, and in the process, substantially improve the lives of others…and the world. It is the ideal time to ASPIRE HIGHER!

Ken has personally paid all of the editing, printing, shipping, and promotion expenses for “ASPIRE HIGHER.” Additionally, his goal is to have a significant portion of all monies that he receives from the sale of “ASPIRE HIGHER” be spent printing additional copies of “ASPIRE HIGHER”, continuing to promote it if necessary, and distributing copies to those who cannot afford to purchase it. Ken is making this significant financial investment in the distribution of “ASPIRE HIGHER”, because it is only with its mass national and international readership that we can hope to attain the beautiful goals of enjoying mutual respect, civility, empathy, Altruistic Love, and peace among all people throughout our country and the world.  Please see the extraordinary reviews of “ASPIRE HIGHER” below in the “PRAISE FOR ASPIRE HIGHER” section.


 “In Aspire Higher, Ken Lindner brings his complete and genuine depth of being to the reader in search of a successful and meaningful life. Ken writes out of his deep faith that each of us can become so much more than we may have imagined or believed. He has given us the gift of a book that acts both as wonderful companion, as well as guide, on a journey to deeper meaning and authenticity. Inspired by Ken’s own personal life experience, his extraordinarily successful career, his passionate love and faith in all of life’s infinite possibilities, he teaches us to overcome our perceived limitations, reaching both inward and upward to become better and thereby make the world better as well. His book is important… and it is beautiful.”

-Rabbi Eli Herscher, deeply respected teacher and spiritual leader

Helpful.  Hopeful.  Healing.  Aspire Higher is a timely “fresh word.”  In a world of divisions, polarizations, scisms and isms – that should be wasms! – Ken Lindner navigates a path beyond positive thinking to positive living: psychological but not academic; spiritual but not religious; powerful and practical but not preachy.  Most significantly this is a journey not “to” your best self, but “through” yourself as a life changing influence and impact on the lives of others.  Do not write this work off as just another self-help product.  This is a progressive pathway of love – not the mushy, shallow narcissistic type but one that equips you to touch and change the lives of those you love, and empowers you to love those you are yet to love. 

-Kenneth C. Ulmer, DMin, PhD, Senior Pastor/Teacher, Faithful Central Bible Church

“This book emits so much light! It’s good for the heart and soul, providing a step-by-step guide to more personal fulfillment and social harmony. An empowering and thought-provoking read. Thank you, Ken, for sharing your insights and wisdom.”

-Ana Cabrera, host of “CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera”

“In his brilliantly crafted book, “Aspire Higher,’ Ken Lindner shows you step-by-step how to dramatically change your life for the better by changing your perspective, developing empowering self-love, and discovering your highest purpose. 

Using everything from personal experiences to poetry, Lindner passionately illustrates how to look at your daily interactions in a vastly different way – from a negative bias to a Positive Life Choice.  He eloquently guides you through how to make constructive decisions based on your highest and best values, as the person you truly are in your heart of hearts.  And he reveals the path to showing real love, understanding and empathy to others, by helping them discover their own best selves.

This is not just another self-help book, filled with cliches and platitudes. This is a revolutionary guide that teaches you how to completely reframe the way you see yourself and others. The brilliance is in the sheer simplicity of the lessons.

Inspiring and transformative, once you start reading this book, you realize how much it is truly needed right now in these chaotic and often difficult times. Ultimately, Lindner shows the reader how much broader your reach can be – how each of us can have a profound and positive effect on the world around us.”

-Melanie Lawson, Anchor, Host, Reporter, KTRK-TV, ABC13 News

“This insightful and empowering book is the ultimate roadmap to elevating your life, your career, and your personal well-being. It equips you with proven skills to strategically navigate direct paths to enduring success, inner happiness, unconditional love for yourself and others, and deep fulfillment, even if you face major roadblocks along the way. Want to reach your fullest potential?  ASPIRE HIGHER!” 

-Betty Nguyen, anchor, host, reporter, WPIX

“Aspire Higher” is informational, inspirational, aspirational. Ken Lindner’s new book paves the way for lasting inner fulfillment and peace, and peace among all people. What a true gift it is for all of us!”

-Shari Freis, longtime executive assistant to Ken Lindner

“Ken Lindner is a very thoughtful and introspective man. In these pages he gives us tools to ask ourselves probing questions.  He hopes to impact the way we look at the world, clarify our goals, attain deep fulfillment, and achieve greater happiness. If you aspire to such a life, this book will be a great gift.”

-Rabbi David Woznica, Stephen Wise Temple

These challenging times present the perfect opportunity to reflect, reassess and re-boot. In “Aspire Higher,” Ken Lindner provides an inspirational and relatable roadmap to help you live a purposeful and peace-filled life. Ken is a wonderful storyteller and a masterful strategist (in addition to being a gifted poet). The combination is a delightful read with brilliant lessons to savor, from a man who truly knows his stuff and is eager to share it with you. I am now reading “Aspire Higher” for the second time and have already dog-eared several pages!”

-Hosea Sanders, Anchor, Host, Reporter, WLS-TV, ABC7 News

“With so much change and uncertainty in our lives, many feel a sense of being lost at sea. ASPIRE HIGHER provides a safe harbor, a tangible, positive, spiritual, and inspiring place to hold on to as we travel through life’s challenges and opportunities. ASPIRE HIGHER’s steps and strategies are the empowering forces that will unlock the inner strength within you!”

-Don Browne, former Executive Vice President of NBC News and President of Telemundo and “Broadcasting & Cable” Hall of Fame honoree/inductee

“Ken Lindner’s new book, “ASPIRE HIGHER,” creates a new awareness as to how we constructively face and thrive in today’s challenging and complex world. By reading this breakthrough book, educators, schools, teachers, and parents will be far better equipped to empower students to make positive life choices that can and will lead them to live far happier and more fulfilling and productive lives. The information and philosophies of this book should continually be integrated into school curricula. Following the steps in “ASPIRE HIGHER” is the only way we can rebuild our spirits and our communities, based upon positivity, knowledge, and passion through aspiring to live your highest life. Thank you, Ken Lindner, for writing “ASPIRE HIGHER” and giving us the path and light to lift ourselves and those around us!”

-Metuka Benjamin, revered national and international educator

“Ken Lindner’s book, “Aspire Higher” isn’t just a hit…it’s a #1 hit! It’s hard to describe how cool a #1 hit it is. We are all faced with challenges. It’s life. Ken has accomplished the unthinkable. He describes in detail—-and with answers—a process for dealing with life and succeeding!

While the thought of being positive is everywhere, sacred texts from centuries ago mention how easy it is to reflect and concentrate on the negative. Ken has approached the concept of the negativity bias in a direct and fresh manner and gives you the mechanisms to conquer it and bring positivity and purpose into your life.

We are all searching, hoping, wanting to do better in our lives. Ken Lindner is leading us all to a more promising, rewarding and beautiful life. I can completely and unreservedly recommend “Aspire Higher” to everyone. Yes, everyone! Thank you, Ken Lindner.”

-Michael Lloyd, Highly acclaimed music producer and songwriter

In “Aspire Higher”, Ken Lindner aspires higher himself, offering readers a clear, practical formula to lead a love-filled, purposeful life by developing and expressing a higher love for themselves and for others. “Aspire higher is a great and necessary read for everyone in this age of doubt and division.

-Kristen Sze, Anchor, Host, Reporter, KGO-TV, ABC7 News

“Ken Lindner’s Aspire Higher gently and systematically reinforces with bootstraps why you are worthy of love and a life well-lived. As my Career Choreographer in the TV News business for 28 years, Ken’s clarity and positivity have served as my guide for a long and joyful ride. His latest book takes you on a path of identifying and seeking your dreams, and gets you out of your self-sabotaging ways, so you can actively and decisively lean into the light and shine!”

-Dominique Sachse, Mom, Broadcast Journalist, Author, YouTuber, Influencer, Encourager

“Fear paralysis is real. If you’re afraid or uncertain about what’s ahead of you (I’ve been there), “ASPIRE HIGHER” is your book!  What I love in these pages is that Ken Lindner generously gives us specific steps to help each of us discover, unapologetically, what we really value…and how to confidently move toward our aspirations.  

-Christi Paul, Host of CNN’s “New Day Weekend”

“Our society and world are filled with so much noise, misinformation and division. It is vital that we return to truth, empathy and humanity. In order to do so we must really know who we are as individuals and begin the work of living our most fulfilled and unified lives.  “Aspire Higher” lays out the blueprint to do so in a way that will resonate with everyone from all walks of life. A must-read for those who want more for themselves and their neighbors.”

-Kelvin Washington, anchor, host, correspondent, Spectrum News 1

“I found Aspire Higher to be the perfect prescription of inspiration that led me from a low point in my life, a little over a year ago, experiencing negative events, to one of hope and accepting the support and love around me. The book’s messages encouraged me to change the course of my life and move forward with positive thoughts and actions. 

Aspire Higher has helped me convert what has been the most negative period of my adult life into an opportunity to grow, learn and find meaning from Positive Life Choice Psychology.

Positive life choice, by positive life choice, I am rebuilding my life! What a gift! I am on my second read of the book.”

– “A grateful reader of “Aspire Higher.”

“ASPIRE HIGHER” and “POSITIVE LIFE CHOICE PSYCHOLOGY” provide you with a path to inner peace and happiness that can radiate to everyone around you. Engage with this book as a favor to yourself, your neighbor, and the world.” 

-Madison Alworth, network broadcast journalist

“Aspire Higher” is a blueprint to develop your life, giving you the processes and techniques to realize your dreams. Ken Lindner has written a gem of a book, filled with concrete actions you can use to guide yourself to achieve your goals. It is an affirmation of you, and I’m sure it is a book you will return to again and again. I highly recommend this book to you, so you can guide your own journey.”

– Jose Rios, Former television news executive and news luminary

“Aspire Higher” is your playbook to get the most from what you desire in life.  Ken Lindner walks you through easy to use strategies to effectively deal with life’s most daunting challenges and plan a course of action to reach your loftiest goals. This book shows you how to build self confidence and the courage to elevate your standing in life and become a positive influence on people around you.  I am honored to provide this endorsement of “Aspire Higher.”

-Anne Holt, iconic former Nashville, TN anchor and host


My heartfelt congratulations on the new book, “ASPIRE HIGHER”! I LOVE IT!! I shared it with Kelly and SHE LOVES IT!!

It’s all in there. You have covered everything and more. Going through the various chapters, I learned more and discovered new steps to take to achieve positive living and my personal goals. So many people will do the same, thanks to you.

I enjoyed reading about the concept of our Heart-of-Hearts and what you write about children, instilling love and self-worth. So important, and very true. I know that from raising 2 children and 4 grandchildren. It will help readers. In addition, your thoughts and words speak directly to me on discerning what you really want, on page 91. We must never ignore those dreams deep inside and act on them!

Aspire Higher is truly a winner!

– Ernie Anastos


I could not put this book down! You packed so much into ASPIRE HIGHER. It was filled with insight, actionable steps, and an unrelenting optimism.

But, mostly, I heard you, in every sentence, encouraging the reader, offering your own vulnerability, and at the same time, your passion.

It is really an extraordinary read, that transports the reader on the most significant journey of all—-that inner journey to find ourselves and act truthfully, once we discover who we are, and what our purpose might actually be.

And, Kenny, the most challenging part is those” fill in” pages, the exercises at the end. I have put them aside, because, once you really face it, it is not easy to fill them in, without time for real reflection.

ASPIRE HIGHER is a wonderful combination of all your experiences, and offers the best of you, but, frankly, I would never expect anything less from you.

Looking forward to your appearances on KUSI to offer ASPIRE HIGHER’S insights to our audiences

Always the best to you

– Steve Cohen

Hey Ken,
We ran your package this morning and I have to say as I watched, I could not help but feel good! Your spirit was great to see this morning on the show and I know the viewers felt the same way. This book will change lives!

– Marc Clarke, TV and Radio anchor and host

This book is amazing. I couldn’t put it down!!!  “Aspire Higher” is uplifting and exudes positivity!  In a pandemic, it’s tough to look past uncertain times but, Ken Lindner shows us how to make the best of detours in life.  He opened up about his vulnerabilities growing up and how he channeled his energy for better outcomes.  The book is moving on so many levels and truly inspiring for all of us to add purpose in life and make the best of it!

-Sandhya Patel, meteorologist, KGO-TV, ABC7 News

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Aspire Higher: How to Find the Love, Positivity, and Purpose to Elevate Your Life and The World!

Aspire Higher is the sixth book from career coach and Positive Life Choice Psychology Founder Ken Lindner.  Written amidst a global pandemic, racial injustice, political division, and a rapidly changing climate, Aspire Higher challenges us to achieve our highest values and exude ‘Altruistic Love’ not only for our own benefit, but also to help elevate those around us and the world with a newfound sense of shared consciousness.

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Jewish Journal

“Aspire Higher Especially during the COVID coaster”

The choices that you make can profoundly change your life! The state of your life, your feelings of self-worth and self-esteem, your self-image and your confidence that you can truly effect positive change in your life are direct reflections of the positive and beneficial or the negative and/or self-sabotaging choices that you have made. Think of it this way: Choices are like train tracks. Trains go where the tracks take them and the path of your life goes according to the positive or poor life choices that you make. The FANTASTIC NEWS is that starting today, no matter where you are in your life, you can jump-start it and elevate your feelings of self-esteem and self-worth, your self-image, and your optimism by making positive and constructive life choices each and every chance that you get!

As an ardent student of decision-making since college and having counseled thousands of individuals over the past 38 years to make tens of thousands of positive life and career choices, I have time-and-time-again observed the following: 1. Your positive life choices can make you feel good/or great about yourself and your life; they can inspire and instill empowering feelings within you of confidence, mastery, and healthy self-love, and at some point, when you have a sufficient amount of these potent feelings, they can trigger your desire to respect, have compassion and empathy for, and sincerely care about and support others. The underlying concept here is that if you feel really good or great about who you are, how you conduct your life, and how well your life is going, these highly potent, positive feelings will organically lead you to want to elevate the lives of others by helping, enhancing, and supporting them. And, the beautiful by-product of elevating others, is that your life, your happiness, and your fulfillment, along with your feelings of self-esteem and your self-image will be elevated as well.

2. There are things in life you can’t control, but you can control your choices, emotions, responses, and actions. Taking constructive control of the things that you can control through your positive life choice-making is confidence-building, masterful, empowering, and elating. All of these are nurturing and wonderful feelings, assets, and blessings.

3A. Your constructive, wise, and beneficial life choices will positively reinforce and lead you to make more and more positive life choices in the future because you truly enjoy the sweet fruits of successfully elevating your life, your well-being, your self-image, and your confidence that you can effect tangible, positive change in your life. Every time you make a positive life choice and enjoy its beneficial results, you are motivated to make more positive life choices, because you love the empowering feeling of being able to make your life far better than it was. Essentially, the success and positive feelings derived from making great choices organically create a hunger within you to experience more success and the empowering and elating feelings that sustained success brings, by making more positive life choices whenever you have the opportunity. 3B. Your negative, self-defeating, and/or self-sabotaging life choices will make you feel badly about yourself as you see the quality of your life start/continue to spiral downward with each poor choice that you make. You also begin to lose confidence that you can make any positive life choices that will elevate you and the state of your life. As a result, you feel great anxiety, demoralized, and hopeless about your lot in life, as well as emotionally and psychologically mired in a debilitating life-funk with no apparent means to escape. And the more you, your feelings of self-esteem, your confidence, and your hope to enjoy a better life spiral downward, the less you feel that you can have or deserve a better life through the choices that you make. So a virulent, vicious cycle is started as you continue to make more and more poor/self-destructive life choices.

Additionally, the “negativity bias,” which is our proclivity to see and be effected by negative things much more than positive ones, which looms in all of us to varying degrees, will exacerbate an already negative frame of mind and feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness.

3C. What you can glean from the above is that making positive, enhancing, and psyche- and life-elevating choices positively reinforce and naturally lead you to make more life-enhancing choices; whereas negative and self-defeating life choices make you feel badly about yourself and that you’re a “loser” or a “victim“ who is impotent to raise the quality of your choice-making and incapable of ever being their best self and attaining their most treasured goals and dreams. As a result, you continue make bad decisions and self-sabotaging choices, as you lack the core-confidence that you can raise the quality of your life. 4. In my book, “ASPIRE HIGHER”, I discuss the all-important concept of being a “solutionary.” What this means is that when you’re faced with finding a constructive solution to a problem or challenge, you not only find a solution that benefits you, but one that also enhances others. When you make life choices and decisions that elevate others as well as yourself, this process continues to raise your feelings of self-esteem and self-worth, along with your self-image and confidence that you can do amazing things for others—such as endeavoring to understand where they’re coming from, who they truly are, and why they act as they do. Doing this can gift you and the world with beautiful fruits such as mutual respect, compassion, and empathy for others, as well as civility and peace among all people, groups, religions, and countries. It is these positive, caring, and loving life choices that will elevate your life and the lives of others, as well as radiantly illuminate our golden path to world peace.

5. With all of the rampant violence, negativity, distrust, division, racism, vitriol, and Covid-related challenges and losses in the world, debilitating feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, alienation, and feeling emotionally and psychologically “stuck” are pervasive. We all at times feel as if we need to turn to a more positive, uplifting, and inspiring page in our life’s book, and with great optimism and fervor for enjoying far brighter days ahead, jump-start our lives. Additionally, many of us perceive that we are forever shackled to our past, our lot in life, and to an unappealing or demoralizing future. I CAN TELL YOU THAT THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Or put in another, more poetic way, “Be tired, mired, and so uninspired—no more!”

STARTING TODAY, make each and every choice that you are blessed to be presented with—-be it big or small— a positive, constructive, and beneficial one. Baby-step, by baby-step, positive choice, by positive choice, your confidence, spirit, optimism, feelings of self-esteem and self-worth, and your self-image will begin to elevate. All of which will give you the highly empowering motivation to continue to make positive life choices for yourself, for those you love, and for others—whether you know them or not, without any expected payback to you, karmic or otherwise. Making the conscious choice to perform unconditional kind, supportive, and/or loving acts is pure, soul-nourishing “Altruistic Love.” It is the highest of all loves and the most heart and soul nourishing, empowering, and elevating love. It is an everybody-wins-big-time love to be embraced and practiced.

**************************** You can immediately jump-start and begin to dramatically improve your life, your self-image, and your ability to live your very best and highest life, by beginning today to zestfully seize each and every opportunity to make a choice or decision that you’re presented with, and make it a positive, constructive, and enhancing one for you, those you love, and for others. These choices will light-up your life, heart, and soul, as well as the lives, hearts, and souls of those you love and others whom you elevate by your thoughtfulness, kindness, caring, and love. Thank you for taking the time to read my essay. I’m deeply grateful, and may all of your choices be positive and loving ones.

Do you want to Choreograph your Career by Consistently implementing Conscious, Constructive, success-evoking Choices, made with Cognitive Clarity? Learn more about Ken Lindner’s book, Career Choreography: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Job and Achieving Huge Success and Happiness in my article for Thrive Global: “Prepare Your Pandemic Pivot with Ken Lindner’s 8C’s“

Ken Lindner graduated Harvard University, Magna Cum Laude, and from Cornell Law School. Ken’s college honors thesis was devoted to decision-making and he has been an ardent student of the dynamics of the positive life choice since then. Besides “ASPIRE HIGHER”, he has written 5 other books. To learn more, please go to positivelifechoicepsychology.com

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